Skill Development & Livelihood

In an endeavour to go beyond conventional definitions and pave the way for sustainable livelihoods, Times Foundation partners with industry experts to provide workshops for soft skills training, garner technological and accessibility solutions, impart career guidance and placement support for the underprivileged and persons with disability. Times Foundation recognises the need to teach the needy to 'fish', creating a lifelong environment for sustenance.

Livelihoods for Underprivileged Youth

Bengaluru Date: 4th October 2018 – 31st March 2019:

The Livelihoods programme was undertaken by Times Foundation in collaboration with Reaching Hand. The programme was launched with an intent to provide skill based training to underprivileged youth, so that they are able to meet their livelihoods. The duration of the training programme was three months per batch. Soft skills and communicative English was taught during the course.

Sustainable Livelihoods for the youth

Location : Bangalore , Month : January 2017:

The Times Foundation, Bangalore, undertook an important Livelihood program for a number 70 young people from different backgrounds. The program aimed at training the youth technical and honing their skill development and soft skill talent. The youngsters were imparted training for a period of 3 months on electrical, refrigeration and air conditioner maintenance. Besides, these technical arenas they were given computer training on completion of the program with the support of corporate organizations like GMR.

Livelihood Program


Times Foundation in collaboration with GMR Foundation organised a one month Livelihood Programme for the underprivileged youth, in three separate batches at the training centre supported by GMR Foundation, Bengaluru. The session imparted training on communication and soft skills to equip the underprivileged youth with the right skill sets.

Times Foundation Livelihood Program


Times Foundation successfully completed its Livelihood Program for the lesser privileged young graduates this June. About 20 candidates were assessed and trained with the need-based skills, such as Aptitude, English communication, Computers and soft skills. On completion of the training, the candidates were supported with placements in corporate companies.

Image Power Session


A one day free workshop on Image Power for the youth was conducted by Times Foundation in collaboration with Image Consulting Business Institute, Bengaluru. The workshop focussed on image management which included the process of evaluating and controlling the impact of one’s appearance and the response on oneself and others. The Image Power session highlighted how to improve one’s self-image, self-worth, self-confidence, capability and credibility.